Real Estate Photography

Professional photography makes for an excellent presentation of any listing while making any real estate agent a superstar in their client’s eyes. Why professional photography? Simple, better marketing equals better results. Go into listing presentations with the upperhand, become the agent whose name is synonymous with a professional and effective marketing strategy. Get more views on your listing to achieve your ultimate goal of getting sold as fast as possible, for top dollar. The best part? Earn more referrals based on a pristine reputation and track record of success.

Real Estate Videography

Video marketing has taken off like wildfire in the real estate industry, why? Simple.  Agents get the best return on investment with property marketing videos.  Additionally, agents that market their listings with video get 403% more views, is 53% more likely to show on page one Google searches, can be shared on all social media platforms easily, 70% of home buyers use video to tour inside of homes, and 86% use video to research a particular community.

Adding video to market your listings should be a no brainer, yet only 15% of real estate agents do so.  Yielding the best return on your investment when it comes to your marketing dollars, research unequivocally shows that agents that offer video marketing to sellers have the upper hand and ultimately generate significantly more business than those who don’t.

ClutchShotPro is known for offering an array of property video options ranging from the more simple to the more complex, luxury projects, all custom made to tell your property’s story in a way that will get it sold as fast as possible, for top dollar.

Agent Videography

Earning a prospective client’s trust and keeping it long after they’ve become clients is part of business building 101.  After all, without customers there would be no purpose for business at all.  But just earning their business isn’t enough, you want to retain them to leverage that relationship to promote yourself to other prospective clients.

How do you build trust in 2019?  By being transparent, sharing your story and letting them get to know you.  No other medium is achieving this goal for busy agents like video is.  In fact, 85% of consumers prefer to work with an agent that uses video, yet only 15% do so.  Invite them into your world, show them, don’t tell them about the value you bring to the table.  The average consumer prefers a quick video to lengthy text.  Share your story, your unique value proposition, your marketing strategy and ultimately, how you will accomplish their goals as their preferred real estate agent.


Aerial photography and videography is quickly becoming a valuable tool for companies. Whether you’re a real estate agent or an event planner, aerial photography and videography offers creative ways to showcase your business and attract more customers. Here are a few reasons your brand needs aerial services.

Drone videos have changed the way real estate agents market their properties. Aerial photography makes it possible to capture a property’s size, shape, and layout. The footage can also showcase the surrounding area, whether it’s acreage on a commercial farm or in a trendy urban neighborhood.

Event planners and businesses can use drone videos to capture a bird’s eye view of weddings, music festivals, sporting events, marathons, and more. You even have the option of streaming live video, giving others the chance to experience your event in a whole new way.

From golf courses to resorts, hotels and resorts can benefit majorly from drone videos. Aerial photography provides a view of the entire property, highlighting focal points and showing off facilities in a new way. Guests will have a better idea of the layout, helping them navigate easily upon their arrival and heightening the customer experience.

Property developers and construction managers often oversee several projects at once. It can be difficult to visit multiple sites every day, which makes drone photography crucial. You’ll be able to check in on the status of a construction project from all angles. This is particularly helpful when you’re working on high rises, bridges, and other tall structures.

Wedding Videography 

We remember life as a string of big events; epic happenings that define our lives and live on in family stories. Weddings are no different – the main focus in wedding planning is on the defining events – the first kiss, cutting of the cake, parent dancing, cake cutting. But what about the moments in-between? What about the tiny, serendipitous small things that happen without planning, just from a room full of love? What about a small touch, a smiling face, a kind word – in-between the big events? These moments are what we live to capture. The moments that are often overlooked, but together make up the very emotional essence of a wedding, and of our lives. These moments are incredibly special and so fleeting. We strive to give them life and the importance they deserve. Moments you may not even notice at first, but look back on later in your film and cherish. This is our specialty, and our passion.

Event Photography

Trust ClutchShotPro to capture your special events.

How an event is photographed is most often how it is remembered. Good photographs let you re-live special times— and share them with those who couldn’t be there.

Do you have an important conference, meeting or rally coming up? Perhaps you have a special family occasion—a wedding, a silver anniversary or retirement party?

Our event photographers are masters with the camera, but more important, we are great with people. Calm, poised, and attentive – we put guests at ease during formal, ceremonial moments. We can capture the spirit of things with photos of both the long awaited and the unexpected interactions that define an evening.

Graphic Design

Looking to create awesome content for your business but lack the time, passion or skill to edit the footage? If you are shooting your own footage and are in need of professional editing services ClutchShotPro has you covered. We edit video footage to give your business the professional presentation and reputation it deserves.


ClutchShotPro has an in-house recording studio for fast turnaround with same day or next day digital delivery, making it cost effective. You can receive your audio right away through high quality MP3, WAV or AIFF via email or FTP transfer. Clients can give voice directions over the phone to get the right take, right away.

Our voiceover services are available for Real Estate Videos,  PowerPoint Presentations, E-Learning Narration, Corporate Industrial, Flash Marketing Movies, Sales Presentations, Product Launches, Marketing Videos, Website Audio, Video Brochures, News Releases, Training Programs, Flash Presentations, Trade Show Videos, Point-of-Sale Messaging, In-flight & In Store programming, TV Documentary, Infomercials.

Professional Headshots

A great headshot is the best way to market yourself in business or as an actor, actress, musician, or entertainer. Your great headshot is your first impression and it should be an organic headshot: a photo of your most natural self, looking relaxed, confident, and in control of your career.

Each headshot photography session is an individual experience in creating the best possible photo for your needs: we will help you choose the right clothing and look for your headshots based on who you are, what you do, what you need the photos for, and coach you in poses and smiles.